Weight Loss Drug Side Effects


Weight loss drug that is both weight loss tablets approved by FDA for the long term, this will give us a sense of comfort to consume its. So, you have to think twice about the risk that you will get if taking drugs.


Although not all of the weight loss drug has a negative impact.

But there are some studies have shown that Adipex-P, Desoxyn, Bontril and Ionamin are dangerous drugs to the body. People who have overactive thyroid gland should not consume those drugs. This also applies to people with high blood pressure and heart disease.

One story when I take Adipex-P, with these pills I lost my appetite but it takes an adjustment to not upset when taking these pills. Let’s talk about Adipex, which I have ever used for my weight loss drug plan. This pill contains of penthermine that have the same effect as when you are using amphetamines.

One of the bad side effects while taking of phentermine is affecting your nervous system. It is a way to help curb my appetite with this weight loss drug. Often feel very anxious as people will feel when they take certain kinds of stimulants. This usually happens in the beginning until your body adjusts to the intake of this pill.

That was the beginning weight loss stories of my life. And I am starting consult a doctor to ask all about my obesity. From the story made me to learn more about obesity where the doctor advised me to stop taking the weight loss drug of my diet plan.


There are many opinions if we take this pill can reduce body fat, without doing exercises in the gym.

These pills will suppress your appetite. But the thing to remember is that you should continue to eat according to your body weight. This makes us interested to using weight loss drug, but is this safety to you?

Of the various types of weight loss drugs work the majority of them hold our appetite. This is because we often eat more than the amount of food needed by our bodies. With a record you need to know how many calories you have burned in the body for metabolism. The body will be continues to work to burn fat even if we are not active.

Although all seems well, think about the risks of this weight loss drug, I encourage you to consult with your doctor first. If you must take the pill, then it must be in accordance with the diagnosis of the body or with the pill of FDA.

Why we’re should be take weight loss drug from FDA?

The FDA does not recommend prescription medications for weight loss programs; because this weight loss drug only as well as an aid when obese people to do diet and exercise in a safe zone. So, I conclude that there is no weight loss drug policies long term without a healthy diet and exercise.


According to myself experience and variety of sources that I read to learn, I feel safe when I consume the drugs according to health standards.

According to the FDA standards, weight loss drug just be use to the obesity people. The Body Mass Index standard is 30 and above. Here, there is an exception for people with the heart disease and high blood pressure. They are should be have BMI standard at 27 or above in their body to healthy. At least this is what I have read in the introduction of Xenical.

Xenical is one of the drugs that used to suppress appetite when we undergo a diet. This drug has been approving by the FDA in 1999 as a weight loss drug. Xenical is workings to reduce fat up to 30 percent of the body. But Xenical has negative side effects on the abs such as abdominal discomfort; that is causing of the intestinal cramps, bloating and diarrhea.

So that it is safe for you to live, once again consult your doctor; and ask for a prescription that is safe according to the diagnosis of your body. For proper weight loss that focuses on losing fat by taking a proper diet in appropriate time intervals. Weight loss drug is not a magic pill that could treat obesity you instantly.