Should You Invest In A Factory Seconds Spa? 3 Tips For Prote


Are you in the market for a new spa? Perhaps you’ve heard of the term ‘factory seconds’ without realizing what it means. This termrefers not only to factory blemished spas that didn’t meet the cut but also to ex-display spas and end of model spas from showrooms. The potential to save thousands of dollars by purchasing such as spa seems tempting but is it worth the risk? Here are three tips for protecting yourself when you make such a purchase.

Tip #1. Educate Yourself About The Risks Of Unsafe Spas

According to the Australian government’s Product Safety, accidents have occurred when children have become trapped on unsafe spa skimmer boxes, filters, outlets and covers. In particular, the ACCC has ‘developed new national regulation to minimise risks associated with open, potty shaped skimmer boxes, unsafe filter covers and unsafe outlets’. No matter how cheap a discounted spa may be, you should never compromise the health of those will ultimately use it. The ACCC suggests asking ‘spa suppliers for proof that any products they provide you with are designed to minimise the likelihood of entrapment of any part of a person’s body or hair by the outlet when in use’.

Tip #2. Check The Electrician’s Credentials

Most electrically-operated discounted spas will require you to pay an electrician for installation. Many homeowners choose Phenq to have their spa wired into the mains electricity. When choosing an electrician, there are three important checks to make.

Most states require electricians to be ‘Registered Electrical Contractors’ (R.E.C.s) according to Energy Safe Victoria. This proves that the electrician is allowed to operate an electrical contracting business or perform electrical work for profit.

Electricians should also have liability insurance as according to the State Government of Victoria’s official website;‘even small companies with only one worker must take out a WorkSafe insurance policy’.

Lastly, electricians must issue certificates of electrical compliance when they wire in your spa. This proves that the spa has been properly tested and approved in accordance with the ‘Wiring Rules’ (Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2007).

Tip #3. Know Your Rights

Most people don’t look far beyond the sticker price when they are offered 40 percent off the cost of a $10,000 spa. Why would you? What you need to know is that just because the spas are in a used condition with scratches and defects, you do not surrender all of your consumer rights. According the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), under the Australian Consumer Law ‘the retailer can’t refuse to help you by sending you to the manufacturer or importer’ even when buying a discounted product such as a spa. The ACCC recommends always asking for a full written quote that details the exact condition of the spa. For example, some cosmetic damage to the spa such as scratches should be noted but there should not be any major, undisclosed damage to the workings of the spa such as the pump motors or filtration system.


Always bear these three tips in mind when looking for spas for sale in Melbourne or elsewhere. You can get a bargain but you should never end up feeling shortchanged. What do you think of our tips? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments section below!