3 Best Tips to Change Your Diet and Lose Weight


Many people find it hard to lose weight. It should be easy, just cut your calories and move more to create a calorie deficit. This formula does not seem to be working because the diet industry is booming and people are not any thinner in general. This may be due to the fact that changing dietary habits is not as easy as it seems. In that light, here are three tips to help you lose weight.

Tip Number One seems like the easiest and the hardest to do at the same time. Do not eat junk foods. These foods include; sodas, pizza, and most fast foods are full of components that are addictive. One of these include high fructose corn syrup. So, if you want to lose weight, keep in mind that the more junk food you eat, the more you will want. Try to wean off of them.

Weaning off fast foods and junk foods can be easier with practice. For example, instead of going to a fast food restaurant for a burger, go to your local health food store for a ready-made sandwich. These will have fresh meats and plenty of veggies to help you get your daily amount of vegetable servings. For added benefit, see if you can get your sandwich on a pita or whole wheat tortilla.

If you crave sweets, try making your own raw food treat. This will actually add to your health as many are made with fresh fruits or nuts. Dates are a nutritious food packed with minerals that can be used to make cookies. Almonds are a healthy protein that can be make into a cookie or pie. Look at your local health food store or online for a raw food recipe book for more ideas.

Tip #2 – Take daily supplements of fiber and essential fatty acids. You can get EFA’s in pill or liquid form and the fiber in a pill or powder form. It only takes a minute out of your day to take them and they both help you lose weight while helping you feel fuller.

EFA’s are known by health professionals and even some doctors to make weight loss easier and can even help balance hormones. A big health addition with this supplement is that it may help protect you from heart disease by reducing internal inflammation.

Fiber helps sweep internal waste so your body can remove it. Some fibers help lower bad cholesterol. They also give you a full feeling, so taking a fiber supplement before a meal may help you to prevent over eating.

The 3rd Tip to lose weight may sound odd at first; do a whole body cleanse. Although shunned by most doctors, thousands of people have found this to be a healthy practice to lose weight and even feel better. Some call it a colon cleanse, but it is the same since your body works as one unit.

Learn how to do a whole body cleanse and decide what your needs are to help you determine what will work for you. There are many supplements on the market and they all have their fans, so find out why. There are also programs or books to help you create one for your lifestyle or there may be a holistic health therapist in your area.

By learning as many tips and tricks as you can, you will more easily be able to add them to your daily routine. Change is not easy so take your time if you need to, weed out the bad habits, replace with good ones and then you can have real weight loss that will last a lifetime.