Weight Loss Exercises What Works

Without question, the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to combine a decreased calorie intake with an increased calorie burn. Dieting alone may help you to lose weight, but it will be slow, it will be pretty unpleasant and it will be temporary. It will also leave you thinner but flabby. Why?

Why Dieting Without Exercise Won’t Work

How many diet plans have you seen that promise to help you “lose weight without exercising”? How many thin people have you seen with unattractive figures, dull skin and limp hair? Crash or fad diets that promise to help you drop pounds without a drop of sweat are appealing to those who are “too busy” or “too out of shape” for weight loss exercise. We want a quick fix to a problem that took some time to develop. We want to lose weight without having to rearrange our schedules or get into a gym.

The problem is, though, that losing weight without exercise is actually slower than combining a moderate exercise program with a healthy diet. It will result in initial weight loss, but most of that will be water and muscle. Also, a diet that allows you to lose weight without exercising must be very low in calories and fat. You won’t be able to stay on it for very long and when you do jump ship, you’ll gain all of the weight back, plus more.

Wouldn’t you rather be able to eat more, stay satisfied, keep and even build lean muscle, reshape your body, stay energized and lose weight more quickly? Wouldn’t it be great to do all that and have a little ice cream, too? The way to do that is through a healthy diet and some effective weight loss exercises.

So Which Weight Loss Exercises Work?

There are literally thousands of exercise moves and we won’t discuss them here. You can find specific moves, with pictures and instructions, elsewhere. What you need first is an understanding of which weight loss exercise programs work and why. This way, you can select the moves or programs that are most appealing to you and that you know will work.

There are basically two types of exercise: cardio (also known as aerobic exercise) and strength training (also known as resistance training). You need both in order to lose weight without remaining flabby and fatigued. More importantly, you need them both for good health.

Ideally, you want to use both types of workout during your weight loss; exercise that burns fat and calories and builds up your cardiovascular system (cardio) and exercise that builds lean muscle, reshapes your body, builds bone strength and speeds up your metabolism (strength training).

This doesn’t mean you need to spend hours at the gym every week. The truth is, you don’t ever have to set foot inside a gym to get an excellent, effective workout. You also don’t need hours of exercise every week. New research shows that you can lose weight and build muscle just as effectively and just as quickly in as little as 20 minutes a day.

Cardio: Why and How to Do It

Anything that gets your heart and lungs pumping and your body moving is considered cardio. One of the great things about that is that you can start at any level. How much you get out of cardio is going to be extremely individual. A lot depends on the shape you’re in, how much you weigh (you burn calories per pound of weight) and the intensity of your workout.

The most important thing is to get moving and raise that heart rate and respiration. For someone who has been very sedentary, a walk around the block will be a workout. For a more active person, a run around the block is more like it. Believe it or not, the benefits will be almost equal. The runner may burn more calories, but the walker will see benefits almost as quickly, because of the work they’re demanding of their bodies.

So what kinds of cardio are best? That depends largely on you and the shape you’re in. If you’re extremely overweight or have back, ankle, knee or other joint problems, you want to do cardio that minimizes impact on the joints. Swimming, dancing, walking and cycling are all excellent choices. If you’re less overweight, have no breathing or heart problems and strong bones and joints, running, stair climbing, tennis and ball sports are good.

No matter which form of cardio you choose, start slowly and progress steadily. Always be looking for your next goal post. This will help you to keep losing weight and also protect you from injury.

When you’re ready to up the intensity, increase your distance or laps, up your speed, or add hand or ankle weights.

Strength Training: Why and How to Do It

Strength training is also known as weight training, but you don’t necessarily need weights to do it. What you’re really doing is weight bearing exercise. Weight bearing means using resistance or even the weight of your own body to provide resistance.

A push up is a weight training exercise. So is a pull up. No weight is needed other than your own. Resistance bands use tension instead of weight and are just as effective as a barbell or dumbbells.

Strength training builds lean muscle, which speeds up your metabolism, gives your body shape and definition, protects your back and joints from injury and even builds bone density.

Strength training is an essential part of your weight loss exercise program and you can get a great workout in just twenty minutes or less a day. Like cardio, it can be good or it can be better. One of the ways to maximize the effectiveness of your strength training is to use slow movement, known as the slow lift technique. By slowing the speed of a movement, such as a curl or a push up, you work the muscle harder, reach muscle fatigue faster and lessen the chance of injury from poor form or using momentum.

The Best of the Best Weight Loss Exercise: Interval Training

Hands down, the fastest way to get lean in the least amount of time is interval training. Interval training means alternating the intensity of your workout. It shakes up your metabolism, making it run faster than a steady workout. This effect lasts for hours after your workout is over. It also creates muscle confusion, keeping your muscles from becoming “used” to a workout and working less efficiently.

To incorporate interval training into your cardio, alternate two minutes of moderately paced work with one minute of intense work, then back again. Always begin and end with the slower pace. To use this principle in your strength training program, alternate two sets of weight training moves, like curls, with jumping jacks, running in place, or running on a treadmill.

You’ll be amazed at how much faster your weight loss will progress if you incorporate exercise into your plan. Not only will you lose weight faster and look better once you reach your goal, you’ll be able to eat more while you’re getting there.

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Weight Loss Drug Side Effects

Weight loss drug that is both weight loss tablets approved by FDA for the long term, this will give us a sense of comfort to consume its. So, you have to think twice about the risk that you will get if taking drugs.


Although not all of the weight loss drug has a negative impact.

But there are some studies have shown that Adipex-P, Desoxyn, Bontril and Ionamin are dangerous drugs to the body. People who have overactive thyroid gland should not consume those drugs. This also applies to people with high blood pressure and heart disease.

One story when I take Adipex-P, with these pills I lost my appetite but it takes an adjustment to not upset when taking these pills. Let’s talk about Adipex, which I have ever used for my weight loss drug plan. This pill contains of penthermine that have the same effect as when you are using amphetamines.

One of the bad side effects while taking of phentermine is affecting your nervous system. It is a way to help curb my appetite with this weight loss drug. Often feel very anxious as people will feel when they take certain kinds of stimulants. This usually happens in the beginning until your body adjusts to the intake of this pill.

That was the beginning weight loss stories of my life. And I am starting consult a doctor to ask all about my obesity. From the story made me to learn more about obesity where the doctor advised me to stop taking the weight loss drug of my diet plan.


There are many opinions if we take this pill can reduce body fat, without doing exercises in the gym.

These pills will suppress your appetite. But the thing to remember is that you should continue to eat according to your body weight. This makes us interested to using weight loss drug, but is this safety to you?

Of the various types of weight loss drugs work the majority of them hold our appetite. This is because we often eat more than the amount of food needed by our bodies. With a record you need to know how many calories you have burned in the body for metabolism. The body will be continues to work to burn fat even if we are not active.

Although all seems well, think about the risks of this weight loss drug, I encourage you to consult with your doctor first. If you must take the pill, then it must be in accordance with the diagnosis of the body or with the pill of FDA.

Why we’re should be take weight loss drug from FDA?

The FDA does not recommend prescription medications for weight loss programs; because this weight loss drug only as well as an aid when obese people to do diet and exercise in a safe zone. So, I conclude that there is no weight loss drug policies long term without a healthy diet and exercise.


According to myself experience and variety of sources that I read to learn, I feel safe when I consume the drugs according to health standards.

According to the FDA standards, weight loss drug just be use to the obesity people. The Body Mass Index standard is 30 and above. Here, there is an exception for people with the heart disease and high blood pressure. They are should be have BMI standard at 27 or above in their body to healthy. At least this is what I have read in the introduction of Xenical.

Xenical is one of the drugs that used to suppress appetite when we undergo a diet. This drug has been approving by the FDA in 1999 as a weight loss drug. Xenical is workings to reduce fat up to 30 percent of the body. But Xenical has negative side effects on the abs such as abdominal discomfort; that is causing of the intestinal cramps, bloating and diarrhea.

So that it is safe for you to live, once again consult your doctor; and ask for a prescription that is safe according to the diagnosis of your body. For proper weight loss that focuses on losing fat by taking a proper diet in appropriate time intervals. Weight loss drug is not a magic pill that could treat obesity you instantly.

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Dos as well as Donts for any Fibromyalgia Diet

Fibromyalgia is a disease condition which leads to tenderness and elevated sensitivity in the muscle tissue. It’s regarded as this kind of in the event that you will find Eleven from 18 point websites established that tend to be extra sensitive to pressure which in turn leads to discomfort.

What does Fibromyalgia Seem like?

Aside from the prevalent pain feeling, additional symptoms might create such as overwhelming fatigue, joint pains, poor sleep, focus issues, painful monthly periods (in women), inflamed extremities, xerostomia, and head ache. On some people, depressive disorders and anxiety may create. Thankfully, this does not consist of everybody that has the disease. Regrettably, no matter how much rest you receive, the signs and symptoms dont go away. These types of dreadful signs and symptoms are generally manifested within people with reasonable in order to serious Chronic Exhaustion Affliction as well.

What Causes the pain sensation?

The most important thing to know with this sickness would be that the problem is not only regarding the actual muscles. With this particular disease, there’s a deficiency in the discomfort signaling paths from the brain and the spinal cord. Due to this glitch, the pain felt by the individual is increased. Despite minor excitement, people caused with Fibromyalgia syndrome encounter severely increased pain.

Who Does Fibromyalgia syndrome Affect?

Are you aware that Fibromyalgia syndrome affects up to 4% of the people in this country? As well as worse, women are the typical sufferers. Currently, there is nevertheless no exact cause for the disease. Out of this, addititionally there is no recognized therapy that actually works for everyone. This really is the key reason why medical professionals only depend on an ideal Fibromyalgia diet to provide relief to the presenting the signs of the condition.

What’s the perfect diet for individuals suffering with Fibromyalgia syndrome?

That which you understand very first is the fact that there isn’t any standard diet for everyone and not everyone is assisted similarly. What we tend to be certain of although, is that diet performs an important role in the disease. Confused a lot? Do not be. This is due to the fact the disease condition is not a specific illness. Medical experts demonstrate that Fibromyalgia is really a sign complex.

Individuals obtain this sign complicated through varying reasons. Therefore, the result is that exactly what work for one person is not a guarantee it would work for that other. Diversity may be the trademark with regard to Fibromyalgia syndrome.

Even if there is no cure or even strategy to Fibromyalgia, numerous individuals attest that a wholesome as well as rigid diet assists relieve their symptoms significantly.

This is a listing of do’s as well as dont’s for any Fibromyalgia diet:

Find out more about “Light” Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates (that increase insulin levels) cause an increase in the actual symptoms of Fibromyalgia syndrome. Whereas if you stock up upon these types of light carbohydrates which includes several vegetables and fruit specifically strawberries, particularly, zucchini, bell pepper, mushrooms, and string beans, you’ll be able to help keep insulin levels from increasing.

Select “Healthy” Healthy proteins!

For people with the condition, it is strongly advised they eat protine sames which are lower in cholestrerol levels as well as fatty foods. Types of these food types tend to be: turkey breast, white chicken meat, egg-whites, soya hamburgers, sausages as well as hot dogs.

Avoid food that lead to fatigue.

A good example of food and drinks that cause exhaustion are the ones that contain caffeine such as soda pop, dark chocolate and occasional. Processed meals, toast meals, and people foods rich in preservatives also are recognized to case exhaustion.

Be cautious along with bad fats; choose the great body fat!

Individuals with Fibromyalgia syndrome ought to obtain their recommended fat through monounsaturated fats. These can end up being obtained from canola oil, essential olive oil, and through nut products.


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Zumba Music Playlist Will Lead You To More Fun

The Zumba music playlist will be a super collection of songs. It really can be sweat while keeping the party atmosphere alive. This is for those who have tried Zumba Fitness. It would be beautiful think to be refreshing and workout. Zumba music song beat so fast. It will bring us to a very unique experience. This is something that makes Zumba continues to attract and prefect.


Zumba music playlist can be your different experiences of workout.

If you are interested in trying Zumba at home then it is a good idea to get the Zumba Fitness DVD. Try it with a playlist with a song of your choice to start your experience in zumba fitness. It’s very good foundation, due it will take you to a better level.

There is several Zumba fitness DVDs to choose from. Make sure you find one that guides you through the basic instructions with easy to follow routines. You get the proper guidance to get started. It is important to get the right step, as this will help you in your future training. You can move on to more advanced series once you have passed the beginner stage. You would feel more Zumba as a game rather than an exhausting workout.

There is zumba music playlist in a different single mp3. It is available at the music stores. A special DVD also provide for you to update your personal playlist. Read the rest of the article below to find out more about what makes a good playlist.

It seems like we never talk about the origins of this zumba in the previous article. You can read that here. Basic of the Zumba inspired by Latin American music. While you will find that there is nothing foreign to you about this music playlist. This is because modern songs still combines the style of music and dance in this musical beats. You can find a list of hit songs featured in Zumba Music playlist that you want.

You have finished from the beginner level. You are ready to move on to more advanced training. Try other exercises. It will allow you to focus on targeted areas that you are looking for. For each workout Zumba you use comfortable clothing that allows you to feel comfortable moving. Use good shoes that do not make you slip on the floor as you move. Jangan lupa untuk menyiapkan banyak air dalam selama latihan Zumba Anda.

You could say Zumba is included in the Caribbean music. It is in the style of hip hop. The impact of the music will give edge Zumba class in keeping the hip and up to date. This could be the latest hip-hop single, old favorites for salsa or Latin dance music. Even it is tango and meringue. I’m sure you will be able to customize it to your Zumba routine.

Customizing your own Zumba Music Playlist

You maybe already have a few favorites Latin American music. You can use it for music playlist. Salsa is a favorite and easy to find that can be use for it. Here, you will find it to be a therapy. You can follow the songs that get into your mind. Shakira and Pitbull is a great example where you can find the songs at this time to use the Zumba dance.

Customize your experience by using it as playlist. You can like or seek the advice from your instructor. Rest assured you will be happy with your exercise classes more and more. You can do it at the fitness club where all the shaking and moving to music. Find the latest hit or a dance club track. It will continue to add Zumba music playlist as your favorite.

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Good Diets for Losing Weight

I think this is good diets for losing weight for you to be implementing in your life. Anyone who has successfully lost weight and keeps it, I’m sure they had made dietary changes. Remember, that all that goes into our mouths has an effect on our bodies. So do not think you can go eat by the foods high in fat and high in sugar is no have the bad risk for you.

If you’re doing to weight loss plan, you might think about cutting calories, or just cut the amount of food you eat. When you think about lose weight, you must burn more calories than we take. So it is logical for you to think that to lose weight, it is necessary to cut back on your calorie intake.


Diet plans healthy eating.

Many people prefer to cut calories, due it looks easier than doing exercise. Surely you will be able to lose weight by reducing your food rations. But, are you can keep it for a long time?

If you just cut calories alone may not be enough to lose all your weight. Why so? We try to calculate that one pound of fat equal to 3500 calories. That means if you want to lose just one pound of fat, you need to reduce your caloric intake to 3500 calories.

I guess never wrote about it, because in general someone just take in between 1500-2500 calories per day. That means you’ll need to not eat for days just to lose one pound of fat. It hurts and that is not good diets for losing weight. Every day our bodies are providing the fuel needed to make it work properly.

So, if you cut back on your daily calorie intake is less than that needed by your body, I can make sure that your body is in the category of hunger. In fact, your body continues to expend energy. This will make your metabolism slows down and you will not lose weight, because your body will continue to be fat reserves. And not burning them.

So, I mean if you can do the low calorie diet, you will only lose your body fat and not muscle. I guess you do not want your body like a ball of silicone without content. Because without muscle means less agile and effortless to move.

Do not be obsesses with calories

This is true for women who are needs good diets for losing weight. Counting is very time consuming and complicated. This is a great point if the food has calorie labels in each wrapper. However, beware when you eat at a restaurant or fast food; you do not know how many calories you consume.

So make it a habit to choose foods that have been proven calorie level. This is true meal plans losing weight. You will not know how many calories are in the foods you eat. With all these problems, keep track of how many calories you eat can be very challenging. And this is what makes you indirectly be obsesses by calories.

Doing good diets for losing weight in the modern era is not difficult. The modern of technology will be allows you to measure how much calories in your body. There are applications that you can apply in your gadget for it. Do not be afraid for that.

So what’s the solution?

If you want good diets for losing weight, you need to combine it with proper exercise to maximize results. If you combine it with exercise, then you will not fail in these cases. But you must have a strong will to do it.

This will allow you to plan a better diet. And you will have a comfortable feeling because you do not have to worry about how many calories you eat. Counting calories is just a tool to help you to go on a diet.

Although it is also important to balance the calories you eat with the calories you burn. But you do not need to obsess about food by counting every calorie. It would be more useful if you focus on foods that are good for health. You can make small changes in the habits of good diets for losing weight.

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The link between Infertility and Low Thyroid

There is a link between infertility and low thyroid and it is more common than you envisage. To have low thyroid or hypothyroidism, it will get in the way of a regular ovulation cycle. For the making of healthy mature eggs to fertilize the sperm, ovulation is needed. The problem of naturally conceiving has most probably to do with irregular periods and you will also most likely be overweight. As well as fatigue and lack of motivation comes into play. The lack of interest in your sex drives also play a part and problem associated with male consist of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low testosterone. Infertility and low thyroid can be eliminated as a concern as most of the times, it can be righted.

The source and treatment for Infertility and Low Thyroid

To seek treatment your infertility, you have to get your low thyroid correctly treated as with the result of low levels of the thyroid hormone, it will affect the cycle of your ovulation. For all body organs to function properly, thyroid is essential to be present inside it. The effect of ovulation not functioning properly will in turn affect pregnancy. If you happen to find that you are not conceiving, infertility and low thyroid problem can be treated. Certain types of infertility treatments coupled with low thyroid treatments is necessary for you to conceive. To solve your infertility problems, you need essentially to seek treatment for your low thyroid problem.

Getting assistance from your physician for infertility and low thyroid can be helpful as they will be able to offer choices of treatments and the necessary information. By carrying out simple blood tests, they can find out if you have infertility and low thyroid and if eventually, you are detected to have low thyroid function, then you will be place on thyroid medication. The medication can be continued even if you are conceiving but the levels of the thyroid will be closely watched.

Do not have to worry as the medication will not move across the placenta or transfer from the mother’s milk directly to the baby Getting your Infertility and Low Thyroid problem solved Seeking help immediately is the most important step for couple who come across infertility and low thyroid problem. The correct thyroid function is not only necessary for pregnancy but for your general health as well. Fatigue can be greatly diminished and all signs of low thyroid can also be eliminated that you were properly not aware of. It is essential to know that infertility and low thyroid problems can be eliminated through medication. Upon realizing the problem, infertility and low thyroid can be a thing of the past.

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How to Improve Your General Health and Well-being

Many people assume they are fairly healthy but fail to miss the subtle warning signs this may not be as true as they thought. If you do not feel like bouncing out of bed in the morning cannot get through an afternoon without wanting to take a nap or down a pot of coffee to keep you going then these tips may be just what you need.

Healthy Food Choices

A diet high in white flour white sugar and simple carbohydrates can create blood sugar spikes and drops which quickly wear the bodys nervous and immune system out. It also affects the adrenal glands leaving you feeling low in the afternoon and reaching for a sugary snack junk food or coffee to help fuel your energy. This is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Six small healthy meals including breakfast will keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable while providing the proper fuel your body needs to keep you going all day long.


The suggestion of exercise is often met with rolled eyes deep sighs and excuses as to why it is not being done. But the body needs exercise especially for those who work sedentary jobs in order to get the lymphatic system moving and clearing out the toxins accumulated on a daily basis.

Cleanse the Body

There are thousands of toxins that you encounter on a daily basis. From the chemicals and preservatives found in our food supply to the harmful ingredients found in soaps lotions and shampoo the body can quickly grow sluggish from trying to eliminate toxins from the body. Body cleanses such as a liver cleanse kidney cleanse or colon cleanse can increase energy and vitality while allowing the body to shed the unwanted toxins that can lead to disease.

By eating right, getting the proper rest and exercise you need and allowing the body to clear out accumulated toxins you can improve your general health and well-being quickly and easily.

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The Common Symptoms Of Insomnia And The Sleep Aid To Treat Them

Before you attempt using any kind of sleep aid medication, you may want to know how bad your insomnia problems are. And even though many people will dismiss insomnia as nothing more but sleeping problems, there are other signs to look out for. So if you suspect that you may be developing insomnia, you should which signs you need to look out for.

Here are a few common examples of symptoms generally associated with insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Sleep Duration

Sometimes, insomnia isn’t just about going to sleep. It’s also about how long you sleep and how well you slept. Although some people can feel quite rested with only a few hours worth of sleep, many people require on average 8 hours of rest daily. If you are getting less sleep than what you’re used to then you may be developing insomnia.

Irregular Sleeping Hours

Insomnia can also interrupt a person’s sleep or cause them to feel sleepy at random hours. Usually, this problem is the result of hormone related problems, specifically the ones which deal with sleeping patterns.

In such situations, you will need to start using hormone medication such as melatonin sleep aids to help restore yoursleeping cycle.

Feelings of Stress and Irritation

Another symptom which indicates your need for a sleep aid is when you fell constantly tired. Moreover, if your feelings of exhaustion are accompanied by mood swings or other illnesses then it’s almost certain that you are suffering from a sleeping disorder.

Lack of Concentration, Headaches and Migraines

And lastly, insomniacs are more likely to experience headaches and migraines more often than the average person. These symptoms may even precede more serious forms of sleeping disorder, so be careful. On the other hand, if these headaches are accompanied by other problems, you should consider talking to your doctor as the problem may be more serious than you think.

There are many reasons why you may need to think about insomnia symptoms. Knowing which signs to look for can help you avoid the problem.

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Seeking the counsel of an Infertility Specialist

The need to seek the help of an infertility specialist occurs when you have been trying to get pregnant for more than a year and is unsuccessful. You can begin the process by visiting your family physician and they will probably recommend you a competent infertility specialist. They will then work hand in hand to recommend infertility treatments and help you to conceive. One thing to note if you and your partner are over the age of thirty, as you may need to seek an infertility specialist after about six months of having difficulty conceiving. Do not get yourself too stress as most of the problem that result in infertility can be overcome speedily with the assistance of an infertility specialist.

Prior arrangement with your Infertility Specialist

Scheduling an initial appointment with your infertility specialist may be nerve wrecking but as usual, whichever appointment with the physician will cause you to be uneasy. On top of that, you will be stress out with difficulty conceiving and the underlying reason. But you won’t be caught unaware if you are well prepared.

Always keep in mind to keep your infertility specialist well informed so that he can better treat your infertility. On the other hand, if you chose to hide something because of your embarrassment, then it might hinder your chance of conceiving. Infertility specialist is there to assist you as they are fully competent to handle all types of infertility problem. With their knowledge and training, they can provide the requisite assistant to treat your infertility. Don’t be too shy to admit that you have infertility as it is even common for couples who have children to experience infertility. Infertility specialist will lay out the reasons for causing your infertility, usually when you visit him for the first time. It is also necessary to go through a complete examination but it won’t as much as to hurt you. Remember to be yourself and feel comfortable with the infertility specialist as you will probably be spending quite a lot of time with him.

The qualification of an Infertility Specialist

The infertility specialist is qualified to handle all sort of infertility problem as they are specifically trained to handle all kind of infertility situation. It is worth noted that they are there to assist you in getting conceived and the infertility specialist is the person where you can seek answers for your infertility.

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Source: British Embassy in Uzbekistan
Uploaded/Updated: 12/14/2018 13:19:26

Craig Murray, British Ambassador to Uzbekistan
“There is worse: we believe there to be between seven and ten thousand people in detention whom we would consider as political and/or religious prisoners. In many cases they have been falsely convicted of crimes with which there appears to be no credible evidence they had any connection…”.

I am most happy to be here today to join in Freedom House’s Open House. This is a welcome addition to the resources available to the community which is working to improve basic human rights here in Uzbekistan. The organisers are to be congratulated on the initiative, as are the US government for their assistance with finance.Ladies and gentlemen, I am a Scot, and proud of my race. Our national poet, Robert Burns, notes in his great poem “The De’il’s awa’ wi’ the Exciseman” that “Whisky and Liberty gang the gither”, which for those whose Scots is a wee bit rusty means “Whisky and Liberty go together”. Well we al know how difficult it is to find real whisky in Tashkent. It does exist, but mostly on diplomatic premises. There is still a lot of wisdom in old Robert.

It is also a great pleasure to see such a gathering of those promoting human rights in Uzbekistan, both from outside and inside the country, and from both governmental and non-governmental sectors. I am also pleased to see representatives of the media here today – I trust I will see these proceedings fully and openly reported. Let us have no illusions about the size of the challenge we face. We must all agree that independent Uzbekistan had a great handicap to overcome in the very poor legacy on issues of freedom from the Soviet Union. But nonetheless this country has made very disappointing progress in moving away from the dictatorship of the Soviet period. Uzbekistan is not a functioning democracy, nor does it appear to be moving in the direction of democracy. The major political parties are banned; parliament is not subject to democratic election and checks and balances on the authority of the executive are lacking. There is worse: we believe there to be between seven and ten thousand people in detention whom we would consider as political and/or religious prisoners. In many cases they have been falsely convicted of crimes with which there appears to be no credible evidence they had any connection.

Reputable Human Rights groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty international have brought to our attention specific instances where the same crime is used serially to convict a number of people. There appears to be a belief that such persecution of an individual can be justified by labelling them as an “Islamic extremist”.Now, with the US and other allies, the British government remains in the very forefront of the commitment to the war against terrorism. And we are most grateful for the invaluable assistance rendered to the coalition by the government of Uzbekistan in respect of operations in Afghanistan.

We acknowledge that we face the same global threat. Nobody should seek to underestimate the genuine security concerns of the government of Uzbekistan and the difficulties it has faced in countering those who seek to use religion and the problems of poverty to promote terror. Uzbekistan’s strategic situation has put it in the forefront of countries struggling to deal with problems such as terrorism and narcotics trafficking.But let us make this point: no government has the right to use the war against terrorism as an excuse for the persecution of those with a deep personal commitment to the Islamic religion, and who pursue their views by peaceful means. Sadly the large majority of those wrongly imprisoned in Uzbekistan fall into this category. But it is not only Muslims who suffer; the British Embassy yesterday observed the trial of a Jehovah’s Witness, being prosecuted for pursuing his beliefs. It should not be a crime to practice your religion, nor to tell others about it. And a number of those imprisoned are ethnic Russian human rights defenders, colleagues of some of my audience. I would like to say at this point how deeply I admire you on a personal level. I am very conscious that I stand here in a very privileged position, in the literal sense. You on the other hand daily risk persecution to stand up for the rights of your fellow citizens. You have my deepest respect and one day your countrymen will be in a position to show you their gratitude.Uzbekistan is to be congratulated on a good record of ratifying key UN Conventions on human rights; unfortunately there appears to be a gap between obligation and practice.

World attention has recently been focussed on the prevalence of torture in Uzbek prisons. The terrible case of Avazoz and Alimov apparently tortured to death by boiling water, has evoked great international concern. But all of us know that this is not an isolated incident. Brutality is inherent in a system where convictions habitually rely on signed confessions rather than on forensic or material evidence.

In the Uzbek criminal justice system the conviction rate is almost 100%. It is difficult not to conclude that once accused by the Prokurator there is no effective possibility of fair trial in the sense we understand it. Another chilling reminder of the former Soviet Union is the use of commitment to lunatic asylums to stifle dissidents. We are still seeing examples of this in 2002. Nor does the situation appear to be getting any better. I have been told by people who should know that there are significantly more political and religious detainees now than there were this time last year. From my own meetings with human rights groups from across the country there appears to be a broad picture of a reduction in the rate of arrests in the first half of this year, but a very substantial increase around August. Just last week saw another highly suspicious death in police custody in Tashkent. There is little sign of genuine positive change in Human Rights. And that is what we want to see; genuine change. By that I mean change which actually increases the liberty of Uzbek citizens in their daily lives. Uzbekistan’s international obligations require genuine respect for Human Rights.

For example officially censorship has recently been abolished. But you would not tell this by watching, listening to or reading the media which is patently under strict control and contains no significant volume of critical comment or analysis of central government policy. Let me give you an example.

In August the government embarked upon a series of closures of major bazaars in Tashkent, and subsequently across Uzbekistan. I witnessed it happen in Namangan, for example. This is not the forum to address the motive for those closures or the rights and wrongs of this action. But it was a radical action, effected with some degree of physical and moral resistance, and closed off the retail outlets through which the majority of manufactured goods are sold in this country. It directly affected the livelihood of an estimated 50,000 people.

Furthermore I have in the last two weeks visited a number of factories in Uzbekistan which have halted production and laid off their workers because their distributors have been put out of business by the bazaar closures. As I say, I make no comment on the rights and wrongs of this, though I note that the IMF have recommended that these issues be reversed, not least because of the resulting increase in inflation. But everyone in this room knows this has been a burning political issue in the last two months.

Yet one could have watched Uzbek television or listened to Uzbek radio solidly throughout this period, and read the newspaper every day, but still have gathered almost nothing of the flavour of what I have just told you. There is little reporting of basic facts and almost no free debate. I trust that the proceedings of this event will be fully and fairly reported.

What then are the components of the real change we wish to see? They are not difficult but they require political will. I believe that people are born with an instinct for liberty and that freedom and democracy come naturally to people everywhere, once they are given the chance.

Giving people freedom does not mean that anarchy and instability will follow. Indeed, it is repression which by allowing no outlet for pressures in society, risks causing resentment, alienation and social tension. Uzbekistan’s partners and friends want to see a country which is stable, free and prosperous. For that to come about there needs to be change – releases of political prisoners; registration of political opposition parties and human rights groups; the opportunity for people to express their opinions in free elections and through a free media and the right to free assembly; and to practice their religious beliefs without fear of persecution. Deeper economic reform is needed also.

We are ready to support that process of change and by embarking upon it Uzbekistan will be able to transform its standing in the international community and earn the goodwill and increased support of partners whose engagement is at present limited by the problems I have addressed today.

I thank you for your kind attention.

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