aStatement of the participants of the International Conference on “Human Rights and Security in Turkmenistan” [16.06.2002]

aIslam – elevation of women’s status [10.06.2002]

aForty Hadeeth Qudsi. [09.06.2002]

aThe importance of Tajwid. [08.06.2002]

a’Ulum Al-Qur’an #2-the necessity and importance of tafsir – the islamic network. [07.06.2002]

a’Ulum Al-Qur’an #1 – defining tafsir and ta’wil. [06.06.2002]


aIslamic belief: ‘Aqeedatut-Tahaawiyyah. [30.05.2002]

aRuling on celebrating the birthday of the Prophet. [26.05.2002]

aAl-Asma-ul-Husna – The 99 Beautiful Holy Names of Allah. [23.05.2002]

aHuman Rights Watch ECA: U.N. Criticizes Uzbekistan for Torture. [23.05.2002]

aOSCE human rights envoy calls for dialogue and easing of tensions in Kyrgyzstan. [23.05.2002]

aUzbekistan: Concern about EBRD Decision on Tashkent. [23.05.2002]

aCommittee against torture offers conclusions and recommendations on report of Uzbekistan. [22.05.2002]

aHRW World report 2002: Uzbekistan. [22.05.2002]

aCan you call them humans?! [21.05.2002]

aA response of German intellectuals to “What We’re Fighting For”. [21.05.2002]

aHow we can coexist? A response of Saudi intellectuals to “What We’re Fighting For”. [21.05.2002]

aUS intellectuals: What We’re Fighting For. A letter from America. [21.05.2002]


a9 killed, several injured as Israeli tanks sweep into Hebron [30.04.2002]

aAmeer Ibn Ul-Khattab was killed two weeks ago [28.04.2002]

aBiography of Ameer Ibn Ul-Khattab [28.04.2002]

aAn Appeal to help our Palestinian Brothers [28.04.2002]

aEngaging The West [28.04.2002]

aHRSU reports about catastrophic situation in all across Karimov’s prisons [17.04.2002]

aSix Killed, 90 Injured in Jerusalem Suicide Bombing [13.04.2002]

aHungry Kyrgyz reduced to eating pets [13.04.2002]

aUzbekistan: Fergana miracle [13.04.2002]

aAzerbaijan: state hounds Muslim leaders [13.04.2002]

aUIJU: Persecution of Uzbek poet Yusuf Djumaev continues [13.04.2002]

aAwaiting the Mahdi: Covenant or Creed? (part 3 of 3) [07.04.2002]

aAmnesty International targets INS for treatment of 9/11 detainees [01.04.2002]

aPermanent Installation [01.04.2002]

aDo you hear our cries? A Letter To US Government Officials [01.04.2002]

aReport from Jan Morcha by Sheetla Prasad [01.04.2002]

a”Nazis! Nazis!”, “Remember the Pain, heal the wounds” [01.04.2002]


aAwaiting the Mahdi: Covenant or Creed? (part 2 of 3) [30.03.2002]

aFormer Uzbek Political prisoners concerned about next generation [30.03.2002]

aUIJU: An independent journalist in danger [30.03.2002]

aDiscrimination against victims of violence in India [30.03.2002]

aRussia: Local legislators, activist attacked in connection with film showing [30.03.2002]

aRFE/RL: news on violences in Kyrgyzstan [30.03.2002]

aA true friend of the Jewish people [29.03.2002]

aA Letter to the President of USA on Muslim Civil Liberties [29.03.2002]

aIn defense of Uzbek poet Yusuf Djumaev [29.03.2002]

aLooking for homes for 217 Muslim orphans [29.03.2002]

aUzbekistan conjurs up new rule on media [28.03.2002]

aKyrgyzstan: car crash heightens unease over US ties [28.03.2002]

aKyrgyzstan: an audience with Beknazarov [28.03.2002]

aAlmost 2000 feared dead in Afghan earthquake [27.03.2002]

aHuman rights groups call for S.A to cut all ties with Israel [27.03.2002]

aTorn between two worlds: Israel’s one million arabs [27.03.2002]

a5,000 Killed, 50,000 Homeless in India ‘Pogrom’ [27.03.2002]

aUzbekistan: World Bank Says Assistance Depends On Pace Of Reform [26.03.2002]

aAwaiting the Mahdi: Covenant or Creed? (part 1 of 3) [25.03.2002]

aUzbekistan: Calls for end to mine policy rejected [24.03.2002]

aThe Day of �Ashura: The Children of Israel were saved from Pharaoh and His Army Who drowned [24.03.2002]

aHRW urged Kyrgyzstan President A.Akaev to promptly establish an independent team to investigate police killings [23.03.2002]

aPersecution of Uzbek poet and his family is going on [23.03.2002]

aThe Virtues of Allah�s sacred month of Muharram and Fasting on `Ashura� [22.03.2002]

aThe skunk who came for tea at the White House [21.03.2002]

aDeja vu: a string of arrests and police raids in Uzbekistan coincides with U.S. support for the dictator Karimov [21.03.2002]

aRFE/RL: Police opens fire at marching people in Jalal-abad, Kyrgyzstan [19.03.2002]

aIWPR: US Prompts Uzbek Rights Rethink [19.03.2002]

aWary of Rights Criticisms, Bush Keeps Uzbek Leader Out of Sight [16.03.2002]

aEurasiaNet: Karimov Maintains Low Profile During US Visit [16.03.2002]

aPravda.RU Uzbekistan�s key role: Islam Karimov will be supported by the USA [16.03.2002]

aThe Manifest of the International Movement To stop the state terror [15.03.2002]

aThe Program of the International Movement To stop the state terror [15.03.2002]

aIndependent journalist O. Sarapulov has been released [15.03.2002]

aUzbekistan: Human Rights Advocates Urge Bush To Confront Karimov [15.03.2002]

aThe suffering of women in Kashmir [15.03.2002]

aAnother victim of the President Karimov’s regime tortured to death in prison [14.03.2002]

aU.S. Department of State: Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – 2001 [13.03.2002]

aRepressive Uzbek Leader to Visit White House [13.03.2002]

aDeputy Executive Director of UIJU O. Sarapulov is detained In Uzbekistan [13.03.2002]

aLetter to the State Secretary Mr. Collin Powell from Talib Yakubov, Chairman of HRSU [13.03.2002]

aLetter to the President Mr. George Bush from Talib Yakubov and Iskandar Khudayberganov [13.03.2002]

aMeeting with President Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan: Letter to Mayor Michael Bloomberg [13.03.2002]

aHRW: Letter to U.S. President George W. Bush [13.03.2002]

aStatement of Press Center of Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan “E’zgulik”. [03.03.2002]


aCongratulations for children in regard of Eid al-Adha. [26.02.2002]

aCongratulations in regard of Eid al-adha. [26.02.2002]

aWhy do Muslims perform Hajj? Part 4. [21.02.2002]

aWhy do Muslims perform Hajj? Part 3. [20.02.2002]

aWhy do Muslims perform Hajj? Part 2. [19.02.2002]

aWhy do Muslims perform Hajj? Part 1. By Sheikh Salman al-Oudah [18.02.2002]

aTurkmenistan: Border Tensions Rise. [09.02.2002]

aFour Police Officers in Uzbekistan Convicted of Torturing to Death Suspects in Custody. [06.02.2002]

aAbdul Rashid Dostum Has Multiple Aims on Visit to India. [06.02.2002]

aTurkmenistan’s Ambassador to Turkey Nurmuhammet Hanamov Defects to Political Opposition. [06.02.2002]

aMalaysia Drafts New Law To Govern Religious Schools. [05.02.2002]

aICG: Addressing Islamist Extremism in Central Asia. [03.02.2002]

aUzbek Olympic Official Wins Case. [02.02.2002]

aUzbekistan: Referendum Slated. [02.02.2002]

aUSA skirts human rights issues with new aid to Uzbekistan. [02.02.2002]

aKyrgyz Islamists Win Respect. [02.02.2002]


aUS pledges dlrs 160 million for projects in Uzbekistan. [30.01.2002]

aConfusion and Cynicism Mark Uzbek Referendum. [30.01.2002]

aKarimov Seeks Extended Term. [28.01.2002]

aUzbekistan’s Referendum: The Dangers of Over-Dramatizing the Situation. [28.01.2002]

aUS General Denies Special Arrangements on Uzbek Visit. [28.01.2002]

aUzbekistan: president rigs extended term of office. [26.01.2002]

aFahd calls for global stand against Israeli terror. [23.01.2002]

aUzbek Police Abuse Scandal. [22.01.2002]

aRed Cross inspects US prison. [22.01.2002]

aPrison camp pictures spark protests. [22.01.2002]

aLife in a Guantanamo cell. [22.01.2002]

aCamp X-Ray prisoners. [22.01.2002]

aLetter to Donald Rumsfeld. [22.01.2002]

aAI calls on the USA to end legal limbo of Guantanamo prisoners. [22.01.2002]

aFormer prisoners of conscience from Uzbekistan to speak about their experiences. [22.01.2002]

aAnti-Terror Campaign Cloaking Human Rights Abuse. [19.01.2002]

aUzbeks block city over power cuts. [18.01.2002]

aSenator Daschle leaves Uzbekistan for Pakistan. [17.01.2002]

aCaptives. [11.01.2002]

aShanghai Six: Uphold Rights in Fight Against Terror. [07.01.2002]

aKazak villagers declare sovereignty. [06.01.2002]




aFreedom House report focuses on Muslim countries. [29.12.2001]

aUzbek Leader Says No Deadline for U.S. Pullout. [29.12.2001]

aNo more silence. [28.12.2001]

aUzbek ministers in Iran, pledge Afghan support. [26.12.2001]

aUzbek General Dostum was appointed as deputy defence minister of Afghanistan. [26.12.2001]

aUzbekistan fails amnestied prisoners. [22.12.2001]

aMore And More Uzbek Women Drink Alcohol. [21.12.2001]

aUzbek Defence Ministry receives 20 land rovers. [18.12.2001]

aEid Mubarak! [16.12.2001]

aUzbekistan: Activist Speaks Out. [12.12.2001]

aKarimov moves to bolster authoritarian rule in Uzbekistan. [12.12.2001]

aAfghanistan: US Casualties Spiral. [12.12.2001]

aRumsfeld expected in South Caucasus at weekend. [12.12.2001]

aPowell in Kazakhstan. [09.12.2001]

aUzbekistan Says to Open Key Afghan Aid Bridge. [09.12.2001]

aSecretary of State Colin Powell has come to Tashkent. [08.12.2001]

aAppeal of the Kyrgyz-American Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law. [07.12.2001]

aUzbekistan to Reopen Afghanistan Bridge. [07.12.2001]

aA. Polat: Update on the case of arrested poet Yusuf Jumaev. [08.12.2001]

aAppeal of the Amnesty International with regard to arrest of leader of democratic party “Erk”. [07.12.2001]

aLetter of H. Hudoyberdiev to the President of the Czech Republic. [04.12.2001]

aThe Frontier Post From Peshawar Pakistan: 65 US Marines said slaughtered. [04.12.2001]

aUzbekistan Introduces Border Region Entry Rules. [03.12.2001]


aAmerican Muslims’ First Relief team returns from Afghan border area. [22.11.2001]

aJoint Statement on Terrorism by United States, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Moldova. [19.11.2001]

aAppeal of the Amnesty International with regard to imprisonment of Rahima Ahmadalieva. [09.11.2001]

aIHRC: concerns that new anti-terror laws of the UK violate human rights. [06.11.2001]

aLong Before War, Green Berets Built Military Ties to Uzbekistan. [03.11.2001]


aUzbeks accused of using anti-Taliban fight to clamp down on rights. [31.10.2001]

aHuman Rights Watch: U.S. Report on Religious Freedom is Flawed. [28.10.2001]

aAFP: Beneath the surface, Uzbek Muslims seethe at US troop presence. [26.10.2001]

aJapanese doctor Nakamura from Afghanistan: “The Taliban Are Well Liked”. [22.10.2001]

aTorture victim dies in custody. New victim in crackdown on independent Muslims. [20.10.2001]

aOpen letter of sheikh Safar Hawali to President Bush. [20.10.2001]

aAmnesty International’s report. Central Asia: no excuse for escalating human rights violations. [15.10.2001]

aMuslims of Britain are against of war. [11.10.2001]

aThe Uzbek police murders another Muslim. [05.10.2001]

aICG media release, “Central Asia: Preparing for the Storm”. [02.10.2001]


aWar against terrorism and human rights in Uzbekistan. Interview of the BBC with high-rank representative of Human Rights Watch Rachel Denber. [31.09.2001]

aVileness. [24.09.2001]

aAnalysis of situation in Central Asia Russian mass media after terrorist acts. [22.09.2001]

aSheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi condemns attacks against civilians. [18.09.2001]

aCentral Asia: Afghanistan’s neighbors face new concerns. [18.09.2001]

aReport of Amnesty International about human rights abuses in Uzbekistan. [14.09.2001]

aRepression against people, who protect rights of Muslims, continues. [10.09.2001]

aUzbek president is intrested in presence of Russian forces in Uzbekistan. [08.09.2001]

aFreedom House critisizes the government of Uzbekistan. [08.09.2001]

aOne more mosque was closed in Kokand. [08.09.2001]

a”Coca Cola” retreats. [07.09.2001]


aIt has been 6 years since Sheikh Abduvali Qori was kidnapped [30.08.2001]

a”When the cola wars came to Uzbekistan…” [26.08.2001]

aNeither one, nor other. [27.08.2001]

aStatement of former collaborator of Ministry of internal affairs, which submitted complaint to court upon Karimov. [26.08.2001]

aNeostalinism in Uzbekistan. [24.08.2001]

aThe Future is for Islam. [24.08.2001]

aICG: Government repression fuels support for Islamists. [23.08.2001]

a”Utterly incomprehensible act �” Human Rights Watch’s new memorandum. [22.08.2001]

aNew York Times about Uzbekistan. [21.08.2001]

aSpeech of former correspondent of the radio “Liberty” Bobomurod Abdullaev about his dismissal from the Tashkent bureau of radio RFE/RL in the prss-conference. [17.08.2001]

aScandal in Uzbek service of radio “Liberty” (Part 1). [16.08.2001]

aBloody game of Tajik government. [16.08.2001]

aUzbek women plead for religious prisoners. [15.08.2001]

aStrange sentence. [13.08.2001]

a”Central Asia: on threshold of epidemic”. [13.08.2001]

aTajik government arrests members of opposition. [04.08.2001]


aKyrgyz Security Service denies that Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan attacked its blockpost. [26.07.2001]

aUzbekistan planned new deportation of people of villages on the border of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. [24.07.2001]

aU.S. concerns about political situation in Central Asia. [21.07.2001]

aU.S. expresses deep concern on death of human rights activist. [20.07.2001]

aIHF Press-release: Repression of Human Rights Defenders in Uzbekistan includes death in detention, forced psychiatric hospitalisation, harassment. [17.07.2001]

aInternational Crisis Group Report about security situation in Central Asia. [16.07.2001]

aCollaborators of security service attacked the correspondent of PRIMA agency Ruslan Sharipov in Tashkent. [13.07.2001]

aRiot in Jizzah province. [11.07.2001]

aHRW Report: Uzbek activist dies in custody. [10.07.2001]

aAmnesty International’s report for UN Human Rights Committee. [09.07.2001]

aUzbek Human Rights Campaigner and Uzbek Parliaments’ Former Member Died in Jail. [07.07.2001]

aRiot against Uzbek president. [05.07.2001]


aArrest of the member of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan, [16.06.2001]

aICG Report: Poverty raises risk of conflict in Central Asia [10.06.2001]

aMemorandum of Human Rigths Watch by U.S. policy in Central Asia, [07.06.2001]

aMeeting against “terror”, [05.06.2001]

a”Sunday Times”: “Karimov takes fight to the Muslims”. [01.06.2001]


aUzbek government has begun trial against the nation. [28.05.2001]

aWhat is more important: political interests or human rights? [22.05.2001]


aIs it allowed to announce Muslim-born person “kafir” (infidel)? [30.04.2001]

aMysterious death of lawyer. [18.04.2001]

aHRW: Uzbekistan. Dissident in Psychiatric Detention, [12.04.2001]

aNew repression of the government, [10.04.2001]

aLetter of Human Rights Watch to the office of the High Commissioner of the UN for human rights, [05.04.2001]


aAppeal of Odina Mahsudova to international community [27.03.2001]

a”Memorial” Human Rights Center, Human Rights Information Center for Central Asia: Uzbekistan. Treatment of political convicts in the strict order prison located near Tashkent. [24.03.2001]

aHuman Rights Watch World Report, 2001, Uzbekistan. [23.03.2001]

aUzbek militia attacks Muslim women! [22.03.2001]

aNew murder committed by militia [21.03.2001]

aIslamic mobilization and regional security: Report of the ICG [01.03.2001]


aResettlement of 5 villages by force: Statement of HRSU. [17.01.2001]

aVictims of Karimov’s regime. Photoessay. [11.01.2001]

aThe troop of wolves of Oleg Yakubov. [11.01.2001]



aEid Mubarak! [30.12.2000]

aReppression against Islam in Uzbekistan in history. [22.12.2000]

aKarimov is to be tried [22.12.2000]

aHRW: Uzbek police routinely tortures detainees [15.12.2000]

aConcentration camp in Uzbekistan [15.12.2000]
aJustice is in power! [31.11.2000]

aNew victim of the Karimov’s terror company [24.11.2000]

aUzbek court sentences opposition in absentia. [17.11.2000]

aRepressions strengthen, striving continues [09.11.2000]

aViolations of media freedom [08.11.2000]
aAppeal of relatives of Muslim prisoners. [08.10.2000]
aUS expected to soft-peddle Uzbekistan’s anti-Muslim campaign. [09.09.2000]

aTestimony of Acacia Shields. Hearing on The State Department annual report on international religious freedom for 2000 [08.09.2000]

aIf you are neutral � you will be arrested! [08.09.2000]
aHow come we are at war�? [31.08.2000]

aHRW Report on recent war in Uzbekistan. [17.08.2000]
aUzbek police �disappear’ torture victim. [20.07.2000]
aUS State Department world report on human rights: Uzbekistan, 1999 [25.02.2000]



aHRW World Report 1999: Uzbekistan. [1999]

aHRW World Report 1998: Uzbekistan. [1998]

aUniversal Islamic Human Rights Declaration [1996]